The total solution for companies and HR to support expatriates and their families.

Successful expatriation

EXPAT360 is a flexible solution that assures the best possible preparation, stay, and return for the expatriate and their family. Expat360 gives HR and the expatriate the tools and support during all the phases of the expatriation.

Tools tailored for your needs

EXPAT360 is set of tools and training programs developed from years of experience, reports and studies of the specific needs of expatriates. Expat360 is flexible to adjust to needs, budgets and different level of pre-skills.

The EXPAT360 online platform

What keeps it all together is the EXPAT360 online platform where the expatriates get information and support. With a separate login, HR has full visibility of all expatriates within the organization. Using EXPAT360 needs, red flags and expectations of the expatriate are reported, so that the company can take immediate action. All six main phases pose different type of challenges and we are there to support you all the way.

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