COOT for Healthcare

Ready for international recruitment?

Ready to hire but concerned about language skills?

Country of Origin Training programmes — or COOTs — are a unique concept for employers to train incoming foreign workers during the recruitment phase. COOTS ensure that new recruits who are relocating have at least basic language skills and cultural understanding of the target country, as well as knowledge on arrival of their future workplace’s working culture.

Unlike anything else on the market, COOTs have been developed in close collaboration with healthcare districts, rural health centres and university hospitals.

Worried that foreign employees’ integration into the work environment is going to eat up your resources?

At the heart of the COOT programme is our in-depth understanding of the role of language and culture as a part of a successful relocation. Training is provided on the basis of the specific organization’s needs, jargon and working guidelines. This pre-arrival training saves considerable time spent on introductory periods and settling-in. It is also flexible and can be matched to fit different budgets and targets. The starting point in the development of a COOT is always the employing organization’s wish to make long-term and committed recruitments.

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