Intercultural skills for international talent

When moving to a new country, one of the keys for a successful integration is understanding the new cultural context. In this workshop we explore how intercultural competence can help international talent to be more successful when relocating across cultures.


  • What is culture and how does it affect values, attitudes, and behaviour, both at work and in the private life?
  • How can I become aware of my own cultural preferences when experiencing a new culture?
  • What can I expect of the adjustment process when moving to a new culture?
  • How can intercultural competence help me and my family integrate better into a new culture?

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is planning or has moved to a new country.

How it works:

This is a trainer led virtual workshop. The workshop will be held in English but can also be tailored individually to your language needs.

We hope you can join us, welcome!

1 x 3h session

Min 4, max 8 participants

Date: please contact us
Fee: 195 euros/ individual participant
Participants receive a Course Certificate after a completed course