Help Ukranians – Hire them

During March, our client, Fixably, approached us at BBi Nordics as they really wanted to do something to help the Ukrainian people. They had the idea of offering jobs and help for settling-in, and asked if we could help in this. From this idea, in a matter of couple of hours, we came up with the HELP UKRAINIANS – HIRE THEM -challenge directed for the start-up, gaming and ICT-scene in Helsinki, Finland.

How it works?
Click yourself to our challenge ad, read carefully and see if you comply with the criteria.

Make an “application” to take part
We will be in touch with you to agree on your search criteria and the position you’d be offering
We will post your job ad in our channels and do quick pre-selection free of charge for you.
We provide relocation and settling in services in Finland for you with non-profit pricing for each hire you make.