Summer Course

Business language and intercultural training

Why invest in language and intercultural training?

A company whose employees have a high level of language and intercultural competence has better relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Professional, effective relationships strengthen your company’s competitiveness and helps attract and retain best talent.

BBi Communication offers unique training courses that allow you to study intercultural communication while at the same time improving your fluency in a foreign language. Not only will you attain a good level of competence in the language, you will also have a chance to learn about the culture you work in. You will learn about how communication practices differ across cultures and you will also be introduced to communication practices in work-related contexts.


  • Improved confidence, and social skills
  • Improved intercultural skills
  • Enhanced trust and team building, employee experience

Intercultural training

The overall purpose is to create awareness of the fact that cultural differences exist and affect our communication, our roles as managers and colleagues.

  • Culture, what is it?
  • How does it affect our way of expressing ourselves and our interpretation of others?
  • What is CQ – Cultural Competence?
  • Society and cultural codes/ glasses
  • How can we improve our cultural awareness?


  • Virtual, online training on our platform BBi Online
  • One-week open course: Total of 30 hours consisting of 25 hours business language and 5 hours of intercultural training
  • Or tailored course to your needs
  • Based on the participant’s language level according to the European scale, also called CEFR

Date/ Time

  • 30 June; 9am-4pm with a 60 min lunch break
  • 14 July; 9am-4pm with a 60 min lunch break
  • 26 August; 9am-4pm with a 60 min lunch break
  • 9 September; 9am-4pm with a 60 min lunch break


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Cultural differences between countries of relevance to the participants:

  • Management (View of hierarchy, expectations management/staff)
  • Meetings and Decision making (where, when and who?)
  • Need for information
  • Language and expression
  • Trust

Cross cultural awareness:

A tool for better communication. When and how should we adapt.

Business language training

  • English/ Swedish/ Spanish
  • Vocabulary skills to build your international relationships
  • Meetings and teleconferencing
  • Virtual communication, the art of emails
  • Presentations
  • High focus throughout on oral proficiency
  • Individual assignments with group round table sessions


  • Spanish: 570 euros/ person
  • English: 570 euros/ person
  • Swedish: 670 euros/ person