Why Cultural Competence (CQ) makes your business more agile:

Cultural Competence (CQ) is a valuable asset in today’s global marketplace. If we want to benefit from our diversity, we need to understand cultural differences. When working internationally, you do not only need awareness about your own values and communication styles, but also knowledge about other business cultures. In this webinar you will get an insight in how CQ will improve your business and make you more culturally agile. Without cultural competence there is a risk for misunderstandings and frustration. CQ will lead to cultural agility in your international workplace.

The training is presented virtually by our experienced intercultural leadership consultant Christina Rundcrantz from BBi Communication. The event will be held in English but can also be tailored individually to your language needs.

We hope you can join us, welcome!

For questions, please contact: christina.rundcrantz@bbicommunication.com

To register, please use our portal

1 x 3h session

Min 6, max 12 participants

Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 9:00 - 12:00 AM CEST Fee: 195 Euros/ 1 x 3h session Format: Virtual