Recruiting & onboarding across cultures

As the ocean of talent widens and sourcing potential employees crosses cultural borders, intercultural competence in the recruitment and onboarding process becomes key. To recruit the right people, employers need to understand cultural differences related to job offers, candidate applications, culturally appropriate interview questions and interpretation of candidates’ communication, verbal and non-verbal. Candidates from different cultures can be motivated and perceive work differently, and vary regarding how they react to feedback, resolve conflict, approach leadership and view work life balance. Once hired, the onboarding process becomes important for companies to facilitate the cultural adaptation of new employees, creating the right conditions for them to reach their full potential and maximise retention rate. In this workshop we will explore cultural differences in recruitment and onboarding, and ensure that the benefits of culturally diverse talents are achievable.


  • What is Intercultural Competence and how is it important in recruitment and onboarding?
  • Cultural differences in recruitment, from job offer, applications, interviews, and negotiation with candidates.
  • The impact of culture on communication, leadership, relationship building and trust, modesty vs self-promotion and attitudes towards work.
  • The role of onboarding in facilitation the cultural adaptation of candidates and creating the right conditions for culturally diverse talent to prosper.

Who is the workshop for?
Anyone involved in recruiting and onboarding of culturally diverse employees, for example HR.

How it works:
This is a trainer led virtual workshop. The event will be held in English but can also be tailored individually to your language needs.
All participants receive a course certificate.

We hope you can join us, welcome!

1 x 3h session

Min 4, max 8 participants

Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 9:00 – 12:00 AM CEST Fee: 195 euros/ 3h session