Cross Cultural Training: Living and working in Spain

Expatriation is a great adventure but adapting to all the changes can be very challenging for the expat and family; the success of an expatriation process depends to a large extent on the understanding and adaptation to the values ​​and customs as well as the ways of working in the new environment. This workshop  will provide you with the keys for you to adapt successfully to the Spanish social and professional culture:

  • Brief background information in terms of history, political structure and other features about Spain
  • What is culture?  How does it affect our way of expressing ourselves and our interpretation of others? How do Spanish values differ from other cultures? How are we and how are we perceived by others? Analysis of your own cultural profile and the possible gaps with the Spanish culture.
  • Cultural aspects to take into consideration when working in Spain: hierarchy and decision making, meetings and time management, feedback and communication style, how to build trust with your Spanish colleagues,…
  • Practical information: getting by-information for daily living, schooling, healthcare, leisure and social etiquette.

We hope you can join us, welcome!

Who is the workshop for?
Employees moving into Spain.

For questions, please contact:

1 x 3h session

Min 6, max 12 participants

Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 9:00 – 12:00 AM CEST Fee: 195 euros/ 3h session