BBi Communication continues to innovate with the application of blockchain technology in its processes

The Swedish Intercultural training company has started to issue impossible to fake digital certificates for its training programs using the blockchain technology of the start-up company Vottun.

Barcelona, September 21th 2020- More and more businesses want their staff to develop their soft skills and competencies such as intercultural competence, whether it be to communicate, lead or negotiate successfully in international environments. With the objective of underlining the importance of these competencies and conferring impossible to fake digital certificates, BBi Communication has decided to join forces with Vottun, a company specialised in Blockchain solutions, bringing the full potential of this new technology to the certification process.    

The use of this technology for certification is only the beginning of a partnership in which both companies hope to bring the advantages and benefits of this technology to the clients of BBi, mainly the Human Resources departments of multinationals, in the agile management of talent and competencies.     

The initial project in the use of this new technology has been to certify the participation of professionals in the intercultural coaching and training programs of BBi Communication. The first phase has been completed in Spain and the second phase will be to roll it out at a global level. Applying this process of digitalization, the certificates and diplomas issued will always be validated using blockchain technology so that they are impossible to falsify, easy to distribute digitally and, far more durable and secure. Thanks to this new system professionals can easily demonstrate their abilities as blockchain encryption protocols ensure the provenance and integrity of the certificates. Companies can trust 100% in the certificates received as they can verify authenticity with total precision. The data of the certificates will be totally secure and facilitate certain human resources processes being completed with ´smart contracts´ which is a significant step towards the possible digitalisation of talent management processes for BBi’s clients.