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Online services

We are currently getting a lot of requests for digital training and online courses, learn more about what we can offer here:

We offer language training at all levels in all languages. We believe in language programmes that are based on your language

Being interculturally competent means understanding how culture affects our communication and our roles as managers and colleagues and being able to adapt our communication

Our certified consultants provide expert coaching and training for top-level management, management teams, global mobility personal and employees/teams otherwise involved in strategic international

We will help you and your company to create effective global communications, which will strengthen your business structure. Our correct, professional translations

Mistakes in the recruitment of new staff can consume major resources in the form of time, money and energy. Are

Successful expatriation EXPAT360 is a flexible solution that assures the best possible preparation, stay, and return for the expatriate and

Ready to hire but concerned about language skills? Country of Origin Training programmes — or COOTs — are a unique